A Maker's Table is Never Empty


That's what our main studio table looked like this morning when we came up to work. This is often what our work tables look like...and we won't mention the posterity of rest of the studio! 👀

Between personal projects, work orders, and everything we add on top of it all, it is sometimes hard to know where to get started each day. Especially if you work in more than one art medium.

For us, having a running chart tacked to the wall with weekly goals certainly helps. With it all written down, we can keep track of what's gotten done and what needs priority- otherwise the more surface area for actual manufacturing, the better! In total, we have FIVE separate work tables in our shop. None of them even resemble the term "organized"..! Well, our printing & painting tables at least have their inks & brushes in the right places 😅

There have been moments we've wished our creative spaces looked more "Pinterest Perfect", primarily when PR photos were needed 😂, but we're not entirely sure we'd be able to access all of our creative corners without this beautiful mess. Maybe that's just the Punk in me talking😭

Most mornings, we spend a few minutes remembering where we left off working amongst the mayhem, all while sipping plenty of coffee....and if we aren't ready to go back to the previous night's project, that means it is time for something new! Whatever action we start with, it's usually something simple to warm up. If it involves ironing or multiple, interlocking thread colors, it is NOT in the warm up routine! Slow and simple keeps us nimble ✨🕺🏽😉

Believe it or not, some of our favorite warm up sessions have been spent all morning cutting material for merchandise we wouldn't be launching for months down the road! Luckily, with a place to keep "seasonal projects" we can at least get those materials off the main assembly line. Afterwards, we usually try and grind through batches of our "high demand" pieces- like our masks & textile arts. If there is ever creative blockage in our studio, we spend that time working on personal projects, new & unfinished..!

Occasionally, it can feel overwhelming working in the chaotic space we build in, but on those days we head outside and spend time in the dirt. Pruning our pollinator gardens can be meditative, and keeps our storefront looking nice. If there's nothing to prune, we'll try and clean up the Drum Circle or water any plants looking parched. Taking care of the green space outside our walls helps keep us centered in the Here & Now.

...And if all else fails, we'll start tinkering with our store front's displays. We've found that rotating our wares helps us build space for new things, which gets the mind thinking...and our hands tinkering...and the rest is, well, available in our market!

So, while we can't speak for all Makers....Our tables are never empty. Sloshed in chaos, colour, and purpose, without the mess, our studio would not be able to knit together the wares our customers fall in love with daily 💜

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