A Retrograde Summer

When we began this season- we really didn't know what to expect. Our Art District always sees its "slow season" during the Summer months, and a Coronavirus-fueled Summer seemed like it wouldn't be an exception.....but somehow we're coming into September and still living the dream...! 🙌🏾

The two universities & community college in town are moving forward with reopening their campuses, and we saw LOTS of tourists from Tampa & Atlanta this Summer. 😬 With all this movement we can feel the Fall season is wanting to be an active one-so we made the decision back in July to scale our brick & mortar shop hours back in order to hopefully & safely prepare for a more engaging Autumn! 🤞🏾🍂

September is the month that marks our one year Anniversary here at 694-2 Industrial Drive, and October 21st, 2019 was our grand opening date! We are sad that we won't be able to host all the classes, block parties, and events that we had originally planned for last year- but we've spent what little downtime we had this Summer planning a few things we will (hopefully) get to make happen for y'all!

There are SO many big things happening for us and our Art District this Fall, and it feels like we haven't gotten the time we were hoping for to prepare, but isn't that how life can be sometimes?😅

Our neighbors at Halisi Africa are also celebrating their first year open on Commercial Drive, so we are hosting a physically distant outdoor Market together during Labor Day Weekend. We aren't the only ones celebrating milestones though! Feeling Art Co-op will have their Grand Re-Opening in October, where they'll have their first show with all their new Artists!!

Aside from the happily surprising amount of commission work we received this Summer, we relaunched our crafting socials online, which have been a blast after we all got used to meeting via video app 😅 We also relaunched our Maker's Classes for locals- with attendees meeting online and the supplies for class delivered, contact free, to your door! In October we'll be judging the Cosplay Competition for the upcoming Cosmic Con here in Tallahassee, FL. We're waiting to see how flu season will be, but we also hope to bring back Movie Nights on the green along with a few other physically distant events. We'll be expanding our store hours to more days in the week than Saturday too.

Our store safety procedures are here to stay through 2021 though- which, first and foremost, means free delivery on all Leon County Orders even during Holiday Season! Mitigating Coronavirus transmission is a marathon, not a race, so we are happy to continue encouraging folks to stay home as much as possible! All brick & mortar visits require a face mask and some complimentary hand sanitizer from Proof Brewing Company.

We have BIG merchandising plans this Fall too! With the downtime we have found this Summer, we've been stitching new quilts, clothes, art and more to launch throughout the upcoming Holiday Season- along with more collaborations with other Queer Artists in the area.

So, while this Summer has certainly FELT like it was turned completely upside down, we haven't succumbed to the vertigo yet! Our Fall is looking bright, and we're excited for the pace we've set for ourselves. We're excited to celebrate and support our neighbors' milestones, and we're really excited to keep providing you & our community with sustainable retail options that positively impact our environment.

Here is to the Fall, y'all 💜🧡💚

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