Zero Waste. What is it?

When most people hear we're a zero waste market the first things they think of are bamboo toothbrushes and the bulk section at the Grocery Store. There's so many components to sustainable living, and where there is a huge market for purchasing metal straws, refillable containers, and bamboo tools, there's a larger gap that The Halfway Point is eager to fill.

Zero Waste. Eco living. Sustainable living. These are all terms you're probably hearing a lot of these days, and they all encompass the same lifestyle habits rooted in harm reduction principles. The goal is to make the conscientious decision to do something kinder for the world around you, so that it's left in better shape for the people that come after you. Part of that is quite literally reducing our collective carbon footprint before global temperatures rise too high. From switching your light bulbs to LED, taking public transit instead of driving, changes in diet or consumer habits, voting.....every little bit helps, and the more we do to reduce our impacts on the environment, the easier it is to do more.

So, we built our entire store concept around an age old motto: reduce, reuse, repair.

We wanted to reduce our environmental impact as a business, which meant thinking a bit outside of the box. What we didn't want was to produce more waste by purchasing bulk goods from wholesale suppliers. Aside from the dicey slave labor issues involved in that, as a small business we weren't looking to compete with what Big Box stores offer...and there is so much we can provide our community that those industry titans can't.

With experience as a Maker, a Sewist, a Builder, a Quilter and a general ability in most trades, it was easy to build our business to reuse and repair. By offering tailoring and home mending services, we repair things in our local community so they don't have to be replaced! Whether it's tears in couch fabric, a missing backpack strap or that favorite pair of jeans, we mend it. For all our new products we sell, we manufacture them all with second-hand materials....and MOST of the new goods we do sell are reusable- like all of our un-paper products, fabric face masks, travel cutlery cases, produce and bulk bin bags.

We also sell new home goods, art, jewelry, clothing, pet accessories.....basically if it's trending, there's a good chance we have it. Our only rules for what we sell are 1) at least 90% of it is manufactured with recycled materials, and 2) that it was produced by LGBTQ+ Makers and Artisans.

Did you know?

$11.4 billion worth of recyclable containers are thrown into landfills annually, and that's not including the more than 11 million tons of textiles tossed in along with it. With modern landfills being some of the biggest contributors to soil pollution, diverting all that waste from the Big Bend area was a no brainer. Especially when you only need 5 plastic soda bottles to produce enough fiberfill to stuff a few couch cushions 😉

By taking our skill sets, keeping up with peer reviewed market & science journals, and looking at how our business could be part of the solution, we built our Zero Waste Market to be something different. Reducing our environmental impact can happen in more than just the kitchen, and we hope to foster all kinds of zero waste action in Tallahassee here at The Halfway Point. Not only can we guarantee that shopping with us means doing a kind thing, but we hope to send you back out into the world with some of our skills too.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, this year was all about launching our "repair & reuse" workshops...and until we get into our groove with our online classes, there is a chance our DIY workshops may be on hold until 2021. We will see a time of economic, environmental and political uncertainty, a revival of old craft knowledge feels necessary. So keep up with us y'all, cause we're out here to get you what you need!

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