Black Lives Matter Bumper Sticker

A limited batch of bumper stickers, 100% of the proceeds for our Black Trans Lives Matter stickers go to put homeless youth of the Big Bend Area into hotels while they wait for access to housing.


As the Pandemic continues in Florida, there has been an overwhelming need across the state for safe housing as more & more people are faced with homelessness. With a local waiting list of over 200+ people, our Area's homessless youth population now faces shelter limbo while Facilities remain full. Your purchase of this bumper sticker secures either 50% or 100% (You choose!) of a night in a hotel room for a teen in need. One night in a hotel room provides them the freedom and safety to shower, sleep, use the internet, and lock a name a few things most of us may take for granted. 


Love out loud with the first in our Collectable Mutual Aid series, in more ways than one <3

Black Lives Matter Bumper Sticker

Pay for a full night Hotel's stay?

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