Washable Face Mask

Our Washable Face Masks offer consideration to you & your community's health while keeping the environment litter free. With fashionable options in a wide range of colours, we're here to keep you trendy in fashion and in health! 


While we recommend air-drying, you can toss your face mask in with the rest of your machine-washed laundry. It is this easy to never have to worry about store shortages again. 


Due to the nature of our manufacturing, our masks are made with a wide range of limited-runs of fabric. We cannot gaurentee we have a particular fabric print, but we can guarentee colour, style, and customer satisfaction. With each order, customers will be contacted electronically by a staff member to confirm color & style before completing your face mask. Masks are customer ready approximately 24hours after final design confirmation. 

Washable Face Mask

Fabric Pattern

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