Zero Waste Starter Kit
Not sure where to start when it comes to minimizing your daily waste? 

Well, we’ll have all your bases covered with our Zero Waste Starter kit! Our Starter Kits offer an array of kitchen, body + outdoor products. A $120 value in goods, we want to treat our kit purchasers a discount for taking such a big first step in switching to reusable goods!

Our kits include: 
1 roll of un-paper towels
2 add on un-paper towels 
1 pack of quilted, reusable face wipes 
2 washable face masks 
1 traveling cutlery wrap 
1 custom mini stitch! 
Your choice of either 2 washable sponges or a quilted mug coaster. 

All of our reusable goods not only curb the future use of throwaway products, but are made with reclaimed materials- meaning your kit curbs landfill waste before you even begin using them! 

Zero Waste Starter Kit