The Halfway Point

The Halfway Point is both a retail store and hub for queer art & culture in Tallahassee, Florida's Historical Railroad Square Art District. With its entryway opening into the Drum Circle, The Halfway Point is primarily a zero waste market; which offers sustainably-sourced & manufactured goods that help reduce single-use wastes from our every day lives. Our raw materials used in our manufacturing process are sourced within 100 miles of our beloved city, and we divert hundreds of unnecessary waste headed for landfills by consciously second-sourcing our raw materials

If you have been looking for ways to positively impact your environment, The Halfway Point can offer it to you. If you've been searching for specialized, reusable items that you can't find, we can create it for you. In part, our business Mission is to continue to foster the green living Tallahassee has spent decades building for its people. 

With our business foundation rooted in social justice and dedicated to reducing our global carbon emissions by 2050, we also strive to uplift the LGBTQ+ Community of the Big Bend. In addition to providing you everyday choices to combat our culture of waste,  our storefront hosts fundraisers, supply drives, and gathering space for Queer & Trans people across the panhandle.


The Halfway Point also hosts Resident Artisans & Educators who have (at some point in their lives) been identified as queer, trans, or a person of color. Regardless of whether or not we wanted "politics dragged into it" that label is often applied on us just for existing.....and The Halfway Point provide our fellow members of the QTPOC Community and our neighbors an opportunity to engage with our broad spectrum of artwork. From our retail gallery and workshops to scheduled community events and inter-disciplinary guests we strive to provide an opportunity to share all of our stories and additional support to the mission of Restorative Justice in our city.